Meet the Aussie Meghan Markle! Brunette beauty is the spitting image of the Duchess

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This brunette beauty dubbed the AUSSIE MEGHAN MARKLE said she constantly gets approached by strangers in public due to her striking resemblance to the stunning royal.

With her glossy dark locks, sparkling smile and deep chestnut eyes, it is no surprise that Bianca Burgdorf, 29, is constantly being told that she is the spitting image of Meghan Markle. 

The mum-of-one from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, said she first heard about the actress-turned-royal after friends and family began telling her that she bore a striking resemblance to Rachel Zane – Meghan’s character in the popular American legal drama ‘Suits’.

The personal trainer said that she never gave the ‘flattering’ comparison much thought until Meghan Markle officially became royalty after tying the knot with Prince Harry in May 2018.

Ever since, Bianca said the comments about her similarity to the duchess have flooded in from friends, family and strangers alike – adding that her royal resemblance sometimes gets her stopped by strangers in public several times a week.

And although her real estate agent husband Daniel, 36, is a far cry from looking like Prince Harry due to his dark hair and hazel eyes, Bianca said the less-famous pair are just as in love as the royal couple. 

Bianca said: “I actually knew nothing about Meghan Markle until she was on ‘Suits’.

“The first night it was on television, I had a three people message me telling me that I looked like her.

“I looked her up and could definitely see the resemblance but didn’t think much of it.

“But then she became more famous as her relationship with Prince Harry was made public and the comments from people really intensified. 

“All of a sudden she was on television all the time and her face was in all the magazines.

“The more well-known she became, I started receiving a lot more comments about it.

Caters News Agency
(Credit: Caters News Agency)
Caters News Agency
(Credit: Caters News Agency)

“The night of the royal wedding last year I had a lot of different people texting me and telling me how much I looked like her. It was funny.

“I often get stopped by strangers out in public, and at times when Meghan is receiving loads of media attention, it can happen several times a week.

“It happens a lot in clothing stores, with the retail assistants commenting on it.

“There was one time I was at my local supermarket and one of the cashiers kept staring at me.

“She looked at my husband and looked back at me, and said ‘if he had red hair, I would have sworn you were Meghan Markle’.

“Then she called other members of staff to come over to have a look, it was really funny.

“I’ve been at parties and people will look at me and say I remind them of someone famous.

“They’ll have a think about it and then click their fingers and say, ‘oh it’s Meghan Markle!’”

Caters News Agency
(Credit: Caters News Agency)
Caters News Agency
(Credit: Caters News Agency)

Bianca said she is extremely flattered to be compared to the duchess and believes that their similarities are more than skin-deep. 

And while Meghan Markle’s background is Caucasian and African American, Bianca has thanked her strong Italian heritage for her striking features. 

She said: “It’s very flattering as I do really admire her. She is a beautiful and incredible woman.

“I love what she stands for, I think she is someone that all women can look up to and admire.

“I’m a personal trainer, so I love helping people and encouraging women to be the best versions of themselves, which is obviously something she believes in and loves to do. 

“It’s become a running joke in my family. I’ll turn up to family events and my relatives will say ‘Meghan Markle has arrived!’. 

“It’s been a fun ride and I’ve had lots of laughs about it. 

“I think she is amazing, so it is certainly a compliment that I’m always happy to hear.”

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