Man who dared gunman to shoot him gets shot in the face

Says he won't rat the guy out to authorities.

A New Zealand man says he won’t press charges against the man who shot him in the face after being dared to.

Early one morning in Christchurch, local Joshua Small got into an argument with another man who eventually left and returned with a gun.

‘He goes, ‘Do you want me to shoot you?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, if you’re going to pull a gun on me you may as well shoot me.’ Joshua Small told Fairfax.

‘I thought he was just playing around and then he pulled the gun on me and pulled the trigger.’

Joshua says his glasses were blown off of his face and he remembers blood everywhere.  He then went to a service station, where staff called an ambulance.

Despite being shot in the eye, Joshua says he did not want the man charged.

‘That’s just not me . . . it’s not in my mindframe to rat someone out like that.’

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