Man refuses to let horrific car crash get in the way of his marriage proposal

Now that’s commitment!

A man wrapped in bandages and helped by nurses asks his girlfriend to marry him just hours after surviving a dramatic car crash on his way to propose.

Jamacio Kimble knew that his girlfriend, Kayla King, was the one for him.

Having planned an elaborate proposal party at their church, Kimble was on his way to pick up flowers when his car span out on a curve.

‘I over-corrected and was going down an embankment and staring eyeball to eyeball with a barbwire fence,’ Kimble told WBIR.


An ambulance was called and Kimble was whisked away to hospital, where thankfully he only needed treatment for a few bumps and bruises.

But he was determined to go through with his proposal plans. The crash made him even more certain that he wanted to be with Kayla.

‘If you look at the car, the pole was in my front seat and passenger seat, and I could have died on my way to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me,’ he said.  

‘I was like ‘I could have died not asking that, so while I have breath, I’m going to ask that.’’

Standing in front of Kayla, he shakily tries to get on his knee, and pulls out a ring box. It’s then when Kayla’s hands shoot to her face as she realises what’s happening.

With the help of a nurse, Kimble kneels down and pops the question.

Kayla nods yes and she goes down onto the floor and holds her fiancé tight.


Speaking afterward Kayla says: ‘He said tonight was going to go a little different , and I knew… but I could do nothing but break down in tears.’

But for Kimble he doesn’t mind things went off plan.

‘She said yes that’s all that matters,’ said Kimble.

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