Couple kicked off flight after falling asleep before take-off

They were escorted off the plane!
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A man and his wife claim they were kicked off a flight for falling asleep before take-off.

Stephen Bennett, from British Colombia, Canada, and his wife were on a flight bound for Cuba via Toronto when he took a prescribed sleeping pill.

After drifting to sleep, Mr Bennett says he was jolted awake by a flight attendant who said he ‘had to go’.

The couple were then escorted off the plane by paramedics and Mr Bennett was evaluated by medical professionals. 

‘It was so humiliating,’ he told BBC. ‘Basically, the stewardess became judge, jury and executioner.’

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While he was eventually deemed ‘well enough’ to fly, Mr Bennett was not allowed to re-board the same flight.

A representative for WestJet Airlines stated they cannot allow passengers to board planes while ‘under the influence of drugs’.

‘It is the crew’s duty to assess and refuse anyone who may not be fit to fly and if they do refuse, the decision is made with safety as the top priority,’ a spokesperson told the BBC.

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Mr Bennett and his wife forked out $1500 for another flight the next day and lost two days off their all-inclusive holiday to Cuba.

‘We’re financially hurt. I’m so emotionally hurt,’ he added.

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