Constipated man shoves live eel up his bum hoping it will help – with predictably horrific results

Do NOT try this at home.

A man suffering from constipation in China turned to an old folk remedy to help cure his condition only to end up in emergency surgery hours later.

The man known as Liu, 49, arrived in ER at a hospital in the Bayun District last week complaining of a bloated stomach and severe stomach cramps reports Guangzhou Daily.

Rushed into surgery, doctors were horrified to find a 50cm long eel that had ruptured the man’s intestines and was lodged in his body.

Surgeons removed the sea creatures and were amazingly able to save Liu’s life.

When asked what the hell he was thinking when he inserted an eel into his anus the man explained that he had been constipated and thought he’d give the old folk remedy a try.

Safe to say that folk remedy is BUSTED.

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