Man shows off for date – gets trapped for 4 hours

How embarrassing!

A man fell three storeys, got wedged between two buildings, and broke his ankle after trying to impress a girl by leaping across rooftops.

Emergency services arrived at the scene at around 2am to find Grant Birdsong wedged in an awkward position after falling through a roughly half-metre gap between a Mexican restaurant and a bagel shop.

It took rescuers four hours to smash hrough the wall of the restaurant to reach Grant, get him on a stretcher, and wheel him out to an ambulance.

The restaurant owner found out about the rescue at 6am and soon arrived, horrified at the damage to his business.

Grant Birdsong was rescued at
Grant was finally taken to hospital around 6 a.m.

‘The wall was caving in. It’s not like we can cover it up and open. This thing has to be torn down and replaced,’ he said.

Despite this he has no ill-will toward the student, who spent the next day recovering in hospital.

I have no expectation or animosity toward this kid. We were all young and stupid at one point. He was just being dumb and that’s what happens,’ he said.

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