Maddie McCann is alive and living near where she disappeared, ex-detective claims

‘There’s countless isolated properties where Madeleine could be being held.’

A detective who worked on the Madeleine McCann case is arguing that the missing child is alive and likely being held captive not far from where she vanished in Portugal in 2007.


Dave Edgar worked closely with Kate and Gerry McCann to help locate Maddie after she disappeared from her hotel room, aged 4. In 2011 the investigation was taken over by Scotland Yard who launched Operation Grange to try and find Maddie.

There is every possibility that Madeleine is still alive and could be being hidden somewhere,’ Edgar says, according to the Sunday Express.

He adds that someone must know something. 

‘In my experience they (perpetrators) always confide in someone else for whatever reason and that person needs to come forward and speak to the authorities.

‘We have seen in a number of cases recently where people have come forward and given evidence of events which took place many years ago.’ 

The news comes a month after the announcement that Operation Grange received a funding boost to continue investigations after a promising lead was discovered.

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