The romantic skydiving stunt that left this woman on cloud 9

Love is in the air!
Mursal Ahmadi

Mursal Ahmadi, 27, South Yarra, Vic

The wind rushed around me as I stood at the aeroplane door. Next to me, my boyfriend Farhang, 28, had a nervous look on his face.

He must be feeling scared about the jump, I thought, squeezing his hand. It was our four-year anniversary, and I’d been expecting a quiet night in because we were in the middle of university exams. But Farhang had a surprise for me. 

‘I’m taking you skydiving!’ he announced. I was so excited – I’d been wanting to cross it off my bucket list for years!

Mursal and Farhang in Santorini (Credit: Mursal Ahmadi)

‘I’m taking you skydiving!’

Farhang and I had first met on an online forum. We’d had such a great connection that a few months later we decided to meet in person. We met up to see a movie and it was love at first sight. Now, as I watched Farhang leap from the plane, I felt a rush of adrenaline. We were doing a tandem jump and were each strapped to an instructor.

Once Farhang and his instructor had gone, it was my turn. I couldn’t stop screaming as we plunged into freefall. Once the parachute opened and our fall slowed, I finally had time to take in the breathtaking view.

‘Your boyfriend has a question for you…’ the instructor said cryptically, giving me a small box. It’s a ring box! I realised in shock. I didn’t open it as I was afraid it would fly out of my hand.

Farhang waiting on the ground for Mursal
(Credit: Mursal Ahmadi)

‘Look!’ my instructor called out, gesturing to the ground. Looking down, I saw a big white flag that read Will you marry me? stretched across the ground.

As we drifted closer, I saw Farhang down on one knee, and our friends and relatives gathered nearby. When we hit the ground I ran over and threw my arms around him.

(Credit: Mursal Ahmadi)

‘Yes!’ I shrieked.

‘Yes!’ I shrieked.

Farhang and I are now happily married but I’ll never forget my sky-high proposal. Love really was in the air that day!

Originally published in that’s life! Issue 32, 2016.

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