2018’s least popular baby names revealed

And it's bad news for Debbies

These are the names you won’t be hearing in the playground any time soon.

A new survey by Netmums has revealed the least popular baby names of 2018 so far.

With older names like Ivy, Evie, Noah and Alfie back in fashion, there’s no room for these untrendy monikers.

If you did choose one of these 20, however, at least your bundle of joy would stand out from the crowd!



1. Amanda – This Latin name means lovable or worthy of love.

2. Carol – An English name meaning manly and strong. It also has a festive ring!

3. Cindy – This Greek name is often short for Cynthia.

4. Debbie – Short for Deborah, this name means bee in Hebrew.

5. Donna – An Italian name meaning woman.

6. Edna –  This biblical name means pleasure.

7. Janet – A Medieval form of Jane, it means ‘God is merciful’.

8. Marcia – This name means ‘of Mars’ in Latin.

9. Muriel – Celtic in origin, this names means ‘sea’ and ‘bright.’

10. Susan – A shorter form of Susannah, this name means lily.


1. Clive – This English name means ‘lives by the cliffs.’

Derick – Short for the ancient name Theodoric, Derick or Derek means gifted ruler.

Edgar – An Old English name meaning ‘happy spear.’

Gary – Another English name meaning spear.

Gerald – A Germanic name that found its way to Ireland, it also means spear.

Frank – This French name means ‘free one’.

Howard – Based on ancient words for guardian and warden.

Karl – Scandinavian, this name means manly.

Nigel – Dating back to the Middle Ages, this names means cloud or champion.

Ronald – A Scottish name meaning decision or ruler.

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