Confessed killer drives dead victim’s body to lawyer’s office

A jury have decided his fate.

A man who accidentally shot and killed his neighbour apparently drove the body to his lawyer’s office to seek advice instead of calling police.

John Marshall, 55, told the court that his 65-year-old neighbour, Theodore Hubbell Jr. died from a gunshot wound after coming onto Marshall’s property intent on stopping him from building a house on it.

Marshall’s property on the rural island of Bokeelia was empty, and he wanted to build a house and live there, but Hubbell wasn’t having it – court heard.

Marshall’s lawyer, Robert Harris, told court that the men had argued and several days later Hubbell came over with a gun. In struggle a shot was fired, that killed Hubbell.

The grand jury decided to not charge Marshall with the death of Hubbell, accepting  that he was acting in self-defense and did not intend to harm his neighbour.

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