Kangaroo jumps THROUGH a teenage girl’s bedroom wall

You won't believe the damage it caused...

A kangaroo caused havoc after jumping through a wall and destroying a teenage girl’s bedroom.

The 16-year-old Australian girl had been out for dinner with her family on Saturday night, when she returned to find a hole in the wall from the outside of the farmhouse.

She took to social media site Reddit to share snaps of the chaos the roo caused, captioning it as, ‘A massive kangaroo bust through my wall and f***ed up my room.’

The girl continued, ‘My dad first shouted at me to get the shotgun but I refused, so he scared it out into the kitchen with a broom, and managed to force it out the front door.

‘It was bleeding, probably cut itself on my now smashed mirror, but otherwise seemed fine. Hopefully it won’t come back for more.’

Kangaroo jumps through bedroom wall
(Credit: Getty)

The Aussie animal had certainly left its mark on the room, with the teen adding, ‘It left blood, p**s and sh** on my floor, walls and bed. It smashed my full length mirror and made a gaping hole in my wall.’

One Reddit user questioned how the kangaroo could have jumped through the wall, but the girl responded, ‘No, my walls are not made of paper. They are not thick, but they’re fibro cement. We can’t afford anything better.’

The kangaroo left the room in a mess
The kangaroo left the room in a mess (Credit: Reddit)

Others pointed out that only this sort of thing would happen in Australia, writing, ‘That is the most Australian thing I’ve ever seen.’

Another simply said, ‘The MOST Australian post.’

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