Too far? New mum makes shocking shirt for boyfriend’s trip with the boys

She says she’s been called a ‘psycho’ by people who don’t get the joke.

A new mum who wanted to make sure her partner behaved while on holidays with the guys has printed him shirts to wear telling other women to ‘stay away’.

When Korie Hayward’s partner started planning for a trip to Greece with his mates she had a plan to made sure single ladies wouldn’t try anything.

She printed him a shirt which warned ‘if you can read then then you’re to* close’ under a photo of her face on the front. On the back was a photo of Korie with the couple’s baby daughter, Emmy-Rose, saying ‘I love my girls and I hate all the girls in Malia’.

Eagle-eyed Facebook commenters corrected her use of ‘to close’ so she even had the shirt remade correcting the error to read ‘too close’. 

The 18-year-old says everyone who has seen it thinks it’s hilarious, and her 22-year-old boyfriend’s mates apparently all want to take selfies in it.

‘The ironic thing is that he will probably get more attention now!’ Korie says.

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