Is Ivan Milat on his death bed? Serial killer suffering organ failure after repeated hunger strikes

Milat is serving seven life sentences.

Notorious serial killer Ivan Milat is in hospital suffering organ failure due to extreme weight loss.

The 74-year-old backpacker killer is currently serving seven consecutive life sentences and has participated in repeated hunger strikes during his incarceration. 

A source close to the Milat family told the ABC that the murderer lost 20 kilograms and is being assessed for organ failure linked to geriatric anorexia.

Milat was transferred out of Goulburn Supermax, Australia’s toughest prison, to undergo treatment at a Sydney hospital.

NSW Corrective Services said in a statement that ‘extensive security and planning’ was undertaken before Milat was taken to hospital.

The backpacker killer had previously needed medical treatment after swallowing metal objects, including razors and staples in 2001.

In 2009, Milat even sawed off his own pinky finger with a plastic knife.

Milat was jailed in 1996 for the slaying of seven backpackers, all of whom were found buried in Belanglo State Forest between 1989 and 1993.

The savage serial killer murdered Caroline Clarke, Joanne Walters, Simone Schmidl, Anja Habschied, Gabor Neugebauer, James Gibson and Deborah Everist.

While Milat was jailed for seven counts of murder, police believe he may be responsible for many more unsolved murders.

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