Two years after a shark bit off his leg this surfer is back on his board

What an inspiration!

A surfer who lost his leg and almost his life after a shark attack while surfing has taken to the water again for the first time since the near-fatal encounter.

On Anzac Day in 2015, Chris Blowes was out surfing at South Australia’s Port Lincoln when he came face to face with one of the ocean’s deadliest killers – the great white shark.


Witnesses even say that they saw the shark swimming away with Chris’s leg and surfboard snared in its jaws.

Chris was clinically dead for over 90 minutes until his heart was restarted. Doctors say Chris’s life was saved by his friends, who prevented him bleeding out after using his surfboard leg rope as a tourniquet.

Since the attack Chris has learned to not only walk with a prosthetic leg, but has done the unthinkable – jump back on his surfboard.

While many have described Chri’s recovery as a miracle, his GoFundMe page says ‘those that know him would put it down to his stubborn determination.’

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