At-risk identical twins saved each other by cuddling in the womb

If they got tangled it could be disaster.
Hayley Lampshire

Hayley Lampshire, 27, and her husband Charlie were delighted to learn that they were having twin boys.

However they soon were heartbroken to discover that their precious bubs were in danger.

‘Because the boys were in the same amniotic sac their cords could get tangled if they moved around, which would cut off their oxygen and food supply,’ Hayley explained to The Sun.

They were astonished to discover during scans, however, that the boys had found a way to keep each other safe: cuddling!

The two boys were clutching each other close, and staying quite still. Which reduced the risk of entanglement.

The boys have now been born happy and healthy and mum says they still like to cuddle.

‘But I’m sure it will be a different story when they get older,’ she jokes.

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