I found a hubby on eBay

She'd say she scored a bargain!
Monique Frankel

Monique Frankel, 38, Roseville, NSW

I waited with bated breath as a message flashed on the screen. Congratulations! You are the highest bidder.

Yes! I had just bagged myself a bargain on online auction site, eBay. For just $150, I’d scored three large boxes of second-hand books. 

The next morning, I logged on to pay for my items when I realised there was a message for me from the seller.

Thanks for the purchase, I noticed you’re in Sydney, he’d written. I’m happy to drop them off to you to 
save you shipping costs.

I wasn’t going to turn down such a generous offer, so he arranged to stop by my place later in the week. Three days later, I spotted a ute pulling up outside. A good-looking guy in his 30s hopped out. He’s gorgeous, I thought, making my way to the front door.

I saw he had beautiful blue eyes and a shy smile on his face.

When I opened it, I saw he had beautiful blue eyes and a shy smile on his face.

‘I’m Adrian,’ he said as I helped him put the boxes inside. Chatting about books, I discovered Adrian was a big reader and we liked a lot of the same titles. I was shocked when I realised half an hour had gone by!

As we said goodbye, I felt a pang of disappointment when Adrian didn’t ask for my number. I’ll have 
to buy more books to get another visit, I thought cheekily. But the next day I was in for a pleasant surprise. In my inbox, I had another message from Adrian! I really enjoyed talking with you. Would you like to have dinner with me? 
he wrote.

When we enjoyed dinner and a movie the next week, sparks flew between us. Soon we were head over heels in love. Nine months later, on my 30th birthday, he surprised me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. I couldn’t say yes fast enough! At our wedding six months later, our cake had a bride and groom sitting on a pile of books. One was titled How to Buy a Husband on eBay.

Their wedding cake featured books and ebay
Even our wedding cake was entitled ‘How to Buy a Husband on eBay’ (Credit: Monique Frankel)

The reception was full of jokes about seller feedback and PayPal disputes. We’ve since welcomed our two daughters, Calliope, three, and Tabitha, seven months. We’re proof that you really can find love when you least expect it.

I bought some books – and got a husband for free!

Adrian, Calliope, me and Tabitha
Adrian, Calliope, me and Tabitha (Credit: Monique Frankel)

As told to Nina Young

Originally published in that’s life! Issue 8, 2016

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