Horrified passengers forced to fly with dead body

Dramatic photos show diabetic woman collapsed on European flight

Dramatic photos have been released of a middle-aged woman being laid in the aisle of a plane as she dies.

The unnamed Russian woman suffered diabetic seizures 45 minutes into a 3 and a half hour flight after she left her insulin in her checked luggage.

Her husband, who also is unnamed, said his wife had taken her shot of insulin shortly before the flight and didn’t expect to need it. They were both surprised when her condition deteriorated rapidly once the plane had taken off.

Cabin crew were unable to revive the woman, and eventually laid her in the aisle under a sheet as the flight continued to Moscow.

Azur Air
The woman was flying on Azur Air from Turkey to Moscow, Russia.

It is speculated that her death was caused by acute heart failure, brought on by seizures, says the Daily Mail.

Amazingly, with the huge numbers of people flying these days, airlines have to have plans in place in case people pass away mid-flight.

Larger aircraft are equipped with ‘corpse cupboards’ to place bodies during flights. Smaller planes will often move deceased people to empty rows.

Despite strict security at airports, diabetic passengers are allowed to carry insulin and syringes onto flights.They need to show a letter from their doctor, however.

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