Gold Coast mum scarred for life after home invasion slashing

She fears she may never smile again.

A mother of one from the Gold Coast fears she may never smile again after suffering a brutal knife wound to the face during a bungled robbery that saw her and her partner hospitalised.

Over the weekend Ingrid Brown, 35, and her partner Michael Liddel, 34, were attacked in their home by two machete-wielding would-be robbers while their four-year-old daughter slept upstairs.

The attack left Ingrid with a severe cut from her lip to her ear, and requires major reconstruction surgery. Her partner was cut to his forearm.


Her partner described the nightmarish scene to Channel Nine:

‘If he had gone down three inches, it would have got her neck and probably have taken her head off,’ he said.

‘Seeing her face I thought she was going to die it was literally hanging off.’ 

Two men have been charged over the attack – 35-year-old Clint Hall and 18-year-old Thomas Ealam – facing court on two counts each of acts intending to maim.

The couple say they haven’t told their daughter about the attack.

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