Holidaying single mum horrified at what her house-sitting sister did to her house

She’d only been away a week!

A single mum of two was gobsmacked when she returned from a week away to discover that her sister who had been housesitting had completely rearranged her entire house.

The mum, who was replying on Reddit in a thread asking ‘What’s the weirdest thing a guest has done at your house?’, explained that she had been helping her sister out for a couple of months.

My sister, her husband, and their 3 kids lived with me for about 2-3 months when they got evicted,’ she writes.

‘Neither of them worked, so I was the only one supporting my family (single mom and two sons) and their family of 5. They didn’t cook, clean, or anything. I’m positive they didn’t look for a job or another place to live the entire time.’

Understandably, she was desperately keen for a holiday and had been saving all year to go on a cruise with her best friend.

Her parents looked after her sons, and she left her house in the care of her sister’s family. What could possibly go wrong? Turns out, a lot.

‘When I got home, there was no food left. She had rearranged all of my furniture in my house (including moving my sons into the same room so she could give her girls the other room) and she took everything out of my kitchen cabinets and put it all back elsewhere.’

Moving a couch.
Her sister had moved all the furniture around in her house. (Credit: Getty)

When confronted about the changes her sister apparently defended herself saying that the way things had been arranged ‘just didn’t make sense’.

‘I told her that the fact that I paid the mortgage gave me the right to organize with the nonsensical mind of the mad hatter if that’s what I wanted.’

Sister moved everything around.
Everything in her house at been re-organised. (Credit: Getty)

When she woke up her sister’s family had left with all their stuff.

It took me an entire week to put my house back the way I had it.’

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