Murdering babysitter could be freed from jail within weeks…

This is heartbreaking.

The parents of murdered Hemi Goodwin-Bruke are said to be ‘absolutely devastated’ after learning their little boy’s killer could be released from jail in a mere few weeks.

Matthew James Ireland has spent just four years in prison for beating the 18-month-old toddler to death while babysitting him in March 2015.

Hemi was repeatedly punched and kicked for two hours, leaving his body covered in 78 separate bruises.

Ireland, who was a friend of the family, was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years for manslaughter in June 2017, with a parole eligibility for May 2019.

Speaking to, Hemi’s mother, Keri-Ann Goodwin, spoke about when she recently found out that her child’s evil killer could be freed in just a few weeks.

Hemi and his family
(Credit: Supplied)

She said, ‘I was sitting in the shopping centre with tears rolling down my face in disbelief that he has applied for parole.’

Describing the parole eligibility as a ‘disgrace,’ she urged the parole board to reject Ireland’s application.

‘He wants to come out and live his life and that hurts big time. Don’t let him out. Let him finish his time. He doesn’t deserve to come out,’ Ms Goodwin said.

Hemi died in Townsville Hospital after suffering 78 injuries to his abdomen, a broken rib, ruptured internal organs and a severed brain stem.

He was being looked after by Ireland when Ms Goodwin was in Brisbane receiving medical treatment on a back injury,

Initially, Ireland said Hemi had suffered a seizure and even tried to blame the injuries on the toddler’s three-year-old sister.

He eventually pleaded to a lesser charge of manslaughter.

Hemi’s father, Shane Burke, said the chance of Ireland getting out of jail without serving the full sentence was ‘an insult to Hemi’s memory.’

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