Heartbroken mum’s warning after her toddler suffers horrific burns at home

Now she wants to avoid the same thing happening to other kids...
Facebook - Shelley LeBlance-Cormier

A heartbroken mother has taken to Facebook to warn other parents after her toddler suffered horrific burns.

Shelley LeBlanc-Cormier’s two-year-old, Tristan, suffered third degree burns after he fell into a fire pit which had been extinguished more than 12 hours earlier.

Even though he was pulled out immediately, the remaining embers were still hot enough to burn his chest and arms.

The distressed toddler then had to ensure painful skin graft surgeries.

‘I would never ever, ever, ever want another parent to have to go and witness the pain I’ve seen my child in, and I would never want a child to experience that pain,’ Ms LeBlanc-Cormier said with a quivering voice.

‘So just be really cautious.’

The distressed mother also recorded a Facebook Live video warning people that fire pits can stay extremely hot, even days after they’ve been put out.

‘It [fire] can burn up to 24 to 48 hours afterwards, depending on the temperature outside and the time of fire pit you’re using. It was definitely a shock to see,’ she explained.

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