Heartbreaking plea for mercy to judge from young daughter of man who murdered his friend in ice-fuelled rage

'The drug damaged him, damaged my family.'

The daughter of a man who plead guilty to the murder of his friend has been defended by his daughter in a heartbreaking letter asking for leniency.

The handwritten letter said that her father’s meth addiction had torn their family apart and pleaded that the judge allow her father time to be the family man she knew he was underneath.

The letter was addressed to NSW Supreme Court Justice, Peter Garling.

‘Dearest Justice, I strongly believe without drug [sic] my (dad) was a good person,’ she wrote, The Daily Telegraph reports.

‘The drug damaged him, damaged my family.’

The man faced court charged with the murder of his friend, who was found decomposing in the boot of a car at Rookwood Cemetery.

It is believed he was high on crystal meth at the time.

The letter also added that the family’s youngest daughter, 5, didn’t know where her father was and that they couldn’t bring themselves to tell her the truth.

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