Aussie child leaves neighbour demanding note over lack of Halloween candy

It's the letter that everyone's talking about.
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It seems that Australians are getting more and more divided over the increasing observance of Halloween – the American cultural import that people either think is some well-needed fun in these increasingly harsh times, or an obnoxious imposition.

That tension has come to the surface on the Sunshine Coast, with local resident Kellie Meier receiving a disgruntled note in her letterbox from a neighborhood child who apparently felt entitled to a handout of sweets.

The letter, posted on Twitter by ABC Brisbane, comes as increasing throngs of kids have been taking to Aussie streets to bang on doors for bags of lollies – leaving some traditionalists incensed.

On red writing paper, the anonymous child let forth to Kellie: ‘Good job you just made a sweet innocent kid like me have a horrible night just by NOT going to the shops and spending one to three dollars on a bag of lollies and opening your door to the sound of trick or treat.

‘WELL DONE I hope you have a GREAT day knowing that you’ve made dozens of kids disappointed and miserable.’

Reaction on social media has been swift, with simmering anti-Halloween sentiment boiling over with claims of generational entitlement and Americanisation.

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This article originally appeared on WHO.

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