Hairdresser mum gives her six-year-old ‘unicorn’ hair

Would you let your little one shave and dye their hair?
Mary Thomaston

While most parents wouldn’t dare cut their child’s hair, let alone dye it, a Florida mum has turned her little girl into a real-life unicorn!

Six-year-old Lyra repeatedly asked her mum, Mary Thomaston, to do the colourful design after watching the hairdresser create similar looks for her clients.

After getting permission from Lyra’s school, Mary agreed.

‘[It was] all her own idea. She’s been asking for this for awhile. I finally gave in,’ she wrote, accompanied by a picture of Lyra’s torquise hair, with a shaved pattern on the side.

Lyra absolutely adored her colourful mane, with her mum nicknaming her ‘little unicorn’.

‘I wish my mum let me do that. So cool!,’ commented one follower.

‘I love this,’ said another.

But not everyone was happy with the end result.

Some critics said it was irresponsible to let a child so young dye her hair. But the feisty mum hit back saying it was a fantastic way for her little girl to express herself.

‘When you’re a grown up with crazy-colored hair, people say that such things are for kids. It’s a contradiction. I say why not let them have fun while they’re young!’ Mary told The Luxury Spot.

We think her hair is stunning!

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