Girl with solitary eyelash celebrates her lashes growing back

Seven-year-old's lashes return after intensive chemo

The little girl who was left with just one eyelash after chemotherapy is recovering from treatment.

Andrew Brown shared the heartbreaking photo of his daughter Hayley last November after the invasive treatment caused all her hair to fall out.

But just before Christmas Hayley’s family learned that the treatment had been successful and the tumour in her nose had gone.

Now Andrew, from Melbourne, has shared a picture of Hayley with the message: ‘Those famous eyelashes are back.’

Hayley brown's eyelashes are growing back
Dad Andrew was delighted to see Hayley’s eyelashes return.

In a post on his blog, Andrew wrote of how Hayley lost her eyelashes.

‘We noticed a few eyelashes missing, then a few more. Then there was one eyelash left, one solitary eyelash. After three weeks, this one eyelash was still there.’ The last eyelash fell out in December.’

But then in January he noticed they were growing back. ‘THEY’RE BAAACCCKK!!!!!! YAY! Sob, yay, you beauty, sob, sob, hooray!’

This article originally published on New Idea.

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