Girl nearly dies after being HUNG by her school hat

'It is a death waiting to happen'
The Chronicle

A Toowoomba mum has a warning for parents after her daughter was badly hurt in a playground accident.

The five-year-old was playing with her friends at recess when she jumped from the climbing net on the side of the playground, The Chronicle reported.

Her broad-brimmed school hat became stuck between the nets, which left her hanging by the neck for a few seconds before the cord snapped.

The little girl was left with bad rope burn around her neck.

‘It looks like her throat’s been slit. The doctor checked her out and there has been no damage to vocal cords but she could have broken her neck,’ the mother, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Chronicle.

‘We look at children’s safety so much these days and for this hat to still be available isn’t acceptable.

‘It is a death waiting to happen. To pick your child up from school and know she has almost hung herself is horrible and she is traumatised by it.’ 

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