Mum leaves clothing store in tears after being told she’s ‘too fat to be shopping here’

She was shopping for her 17-year-old girl
Debbie Halliwell

After a long day battling the Christmas shoppers at Redbank Plaza, in Ipswich, Queensland, mum-of-four Debbie Halliwell had had just about enough.


Entering a clothing store in search of an outfit for her 17-year-old girl, she was approached by an employee.


‘I ask her what price (the clothes) were as there were no prices on things and she rudely yells at me, ‘they don’t fit you’ and rips them out of my arms and hangs them back up,’ she wrote on Facebook.


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Debbie goes on to say the staff member, who she believes to have been the manager, told her to go to a different store because the clothes will fit her there.


‘I had a really miserable day, I was upset as it was. I walked out of the store in tears,’ Debbie told Daily Mail Australia.


‘I’m a hard woman, it takes a lot to get me upset. I just couldn’t believe what happened.’


The store in question issued an apology for Debbie’s unpleasant experience, however they vigorously deny Debbie’s allegations saying the staff member in question was regularly praised for her customer service. 


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