Every year this woman receives flowers from her dead husband

He wanted her to never feel alone.

When Kayla Miller rocked up to work she was astonished to see an enormous bouquet of flowers for her coworker, Shelly Goat.

Asking what that was about it Kayla learned that Shelly’s husband, Jim, had tragically passed away after 28 years of marriage from a brain tumour. But before his death, Jim had arranged for his widow to be sent a gift every birthday and holiday.

‘He lined all of this up for her so she wouldn’t feel alone on those days that would be the hardest to spend apart,’ Kayla explains in the caption of a photo on Facebook showing a massive display of roses.

‘I am sharing this story not only because it’s amazing and it warms my heart, but to show girls that try love is real.

‘You don’t have to settle for someone… You are a prize to be won, and there is someone out there that will love you forever and even through the afterlife.’

So beautiful!

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