Emotional moment 10-year-old twins separated as babies hug for the first time

Video shows identical pair weeping as they embrace
Emotional moment the twins met for the first time
Good Morning America

Ten-year-old twins who were separated shortly after birth in China, and had no idea each other existed, have hugged for the first time.



Audrey Doering, from Wisconsin and Gracie Rainsberry from Washington State, clung to each other and sobbed as they were reunited live on television.

Emotional moment the twins met for the first time (Credit: Good Morning America)

The identical pair were adopted as babies by different American families who lived hundreds of kilometres apart. But they only found out about each other by chance when Audrey’s mother, Jennifer, decided to give her daughter some information about her past for Christmas.

Audrey, left, age four, and Gracie, right, age three (Credit: Good Morning America)

With the help of a Chinese researcher, she discovered a photo of Audrey and another baby who looked just like her, posing on the knee of her Chinese foster mum.

‘As soon as I had that picture, I was desperate to find out who that other child was,’ Jennifer said.

The previously unseen photo of the twins with their foster mother (Credit: Facebook)

She tracked down Gracie’s mother, Nicole, on Facebook and the twins spoke on FaceTime. There, they arranged to wear matching outfits for their reunion on Good Morning America.

Through tears, Audrey said, ‘It felt like there was somebody missing. Now, it’s complete.’

On the sofa, after the reunion (Credit: Good Morning America)

As they got to know each other, the girls discovered they both love chicken Alfredo, mac ‘n’ cheese and have both suffered from heart conditions.

Audrey, left, and Gracie, right (Credit: Good Morning America)

When asked what was in her heart following the emotional reunion, Audrey said, ‘love’.

Watch the full video here.

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