Woman posts heartbreaking video of puppy abandoned at animal shelter

Her face is the picture of misery when she realises she's been left there.

A tear-jerking clip has been posted online by an animal shelter worker capturing the devastating moment this pup realises she’s been left behind.

Lolys Menchaka, who posted the video, wrote in the description: ‘Electra represents the face of sadness and reality in the shelters.’

She explains that she doesn’t know Electra’s story – whether she was turned in or whether she was a stray – but adds that she cannot understand how pet owners can give up their animals. 

The commenters agreed, one saying: ‘This kills me. Those eyes. She’s so scared. The wagging tail. She’s still wants to give love. Dogs are so selfless.’

Thankfully Electra has been adopted and now has a forever home. Hopefully she’ll never have to make that sad face again!

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