Devastated mum of stillborn triplets trolled online and called a ‘baby killer’

She copped harsh backlash.

Mother whose world came ‘crashing down’ when her triplets were stillborn has copped a cruel response after posting pictures with her babies online.

Amanda Morrison, 33, was delighted to be pregnant with triplets after months of fertility treatment to try and have a baby.

At only three months, however, doctors told Amanda that her babies would not survive.

After she gave birth to her ‘angels’ Amanda shared a picture with her triplets, which was received with tenderness by parents who sympathised. However she copped fierce attacks from people who thought she was a ‘psychopath’.

‘I have had negative feedback, telling me it is disgusting to show my children’s pictures because they are dead,’ she says, reports the Daily Mail.

‘I have been called a baby killer and worse. I have been called a psychopath because I shared pictures of foetuses that never lived. I have been told horrible things.

‘But I have found a lot of mums that have lost children that I have connected with, as we share a special bond.’

Rather than be crushed by the attacks, Amanda says it has made her realise just how secretive society is when it comes to discussing the realities of child loss.

‘People need to realize that it’s okay to mention our children’s names. While it hurts, the fact they are remembered makes us proud.

‘They need to know that we don’t want you to walk on egg shells around us, but we need them to understand if for instance we just stop in the middle of the store sometimes if we see children’s items.

‘People forget there are mums like us that would give up everything just to have a moment with our children, even if it were a situation most other parents would find annoying, like cleaning up mess.’

She wants mums to know that parents of ‘angels’ are still parents.

‘No matter when or how we have lost our children, we feel the same.’

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