Dead boy WAKES UP on the way to his own funeral after ‘deadly’ dog bite

Shocked family rush him back to hospital.

A teenager has been rushed to hospital after shocking his family by waking up on the way to his own funeral after being presumed dead from an infection.

Kumar Marewad was only 17 when he was bitten by a dog in his Indian home town. Shortly after an infection set in that threatened the boy’s life, and he was put on life support.

The infection appeared to have spread through his body, and the doctor said there was no hope.

After removing Kumar from the ventilator, the took him home. After not moving or breathing, the family assumed he had died so they said their goodbyes and began funeral arrangements.

During the procession the Times of India reports that Kumar began to move mere kilometres from where his funeral was about to take place.

After being rushed back to hospital and reconnected with his ventilator, experts sought a reason how this could have happened.

One theory is that because of being on the ventilator, Kumar had a large amount of sedatives in his body to prevent him moving around.

The paralysis would have eventually worn off with the drugs, enabling him to move again and appear to ‘come back from the dead’.

He’s continuing treatment for the infection in hospital.

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