Spine-chilling moment car narrowly missed boy chasing bubble onto road

We had to watch through our fingers!

A shocking video has been shared on YouTube from the dash cam of a man who narrowly avoided hitting a young boy who darted in front of his car in pursuit of a bubble.

The video was filmed in Canada and shows the driver pulling out of his driveway and making his way up the street.

From behind a car on the left a young boy suddenly runs onto the road, chasing a bubble.

Blasting his horn the man swerves and brakes, missing the kid who then ran back onto the footpath.

‘Oh my God, are you okay?’ the driver can be heard asking.

In the description of the video the driver explains just how close he came to hitting the kid.

‘Had I been texting, playing with the radio, or anything, this kid would have been hit for sure… Luckily I wasn’t going any faster either.’


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