Pregnant mum who denied cancer treatment to save her baby dies three days after he’s born

Absolutely heartbreaking
Facebook: Danielle Janofsky

An expectant mother who declined life-saving cancer treatment to save her unborn baby has passed away just three days after her son was born.

Danielle Janofsky discovered she had a cancerous mole in May 2015, which was promptly removed and was followed up by regular check-ups.

However, in February this year, the mum-to-be was told that the skin cancer had since spread to her liver, kidney, brain and stomach.

Six months pregnant, Janofsky declined to undergo treatment to spare her baby’s life and decided to give birth as soon as possible.

Danielle and her daughter, Avery.
Danielle and her daughter, Avery (Facebook: Danielle Janofsky)

Two weeks later, Danielle and her husband, Max, welcomed their son, Jake into the world.

Heartbreakingly, Danielle lost her battle with cancer just three days later in the arms of her husband.

A fundraising page has since been set up for her children.

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