Dad films powerful conversation with his son about bullying

Boy, 9, teased for long hair he's donating to charity
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A dad has shared a video of the talk he had with his son after he was bullied at school for having long hair.

Nine-year-old Bodi Irvine made the selfless decision to grow his blond locks to donate to children with cancer last year. But cruel kids called him a girl.

Dad, Isaac, filmed the life lesson he gave to his big-hearted boy, which starts with Bodi feeling sad and ends with him laughing and sharing a cuddle with his dad.

Now that’s how you do parenting!

In the video, Isaac, from Arizona, says: ‘You want to know something secret? Daddy gets made fun of sometimes too. People look at me and they’re like look at that guy with all the tattoos on his neck and hands.’

‘Well I think it’s cool,’ Bodi says.

Isaac tells his son he’s glad he didn’t get angry and instead let the comment roll off his back.

‘What you have to remember when someone makes fun of you is just because you’re unique and you don’t look like anyone else it doesn’t mean you’re weird or being different is a bad thing. What do you think?’

‘I think being different is a good thing, it means you think different to other people,’ Bodi says.

‘Dude that makes me so happy!’ Isaac says, pulling his son into a big hug.

The video has now been viewed thousands of times and has comments from people all over the world, praising the pair.

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