Conjoined twin girls who survived the riskiest separation surgery leave hospital

The staff applauded!
Facebook / Laurilin Celadilla

When these conjoined twins were born their parents were told that their girls were not likely to make their first birthday.

Now, over a year later, they have left hospital after recovering from one of the most risky separation surgeries ever.

Twins Ballenie and Bellanie Camacho were born joined at the hip and shared intestines, bladders, reproductive organs and the lower spinal cord.

Conjoined twins occur in one in 20,000 births, with the girls’ particular type, pygopagus, rarer still.

There was a 23% chance that the twins would die during the mammoth 22-hour surgery to separate them.

After several months recovering, they have finally been able to come home – their exit from the hospital inspiring applause from the hospital staff.

The girls’ parents, Abel Camacho and Laurilin Celadilla, gave a press conference where they expressed their gratitude to the team who helped save their girls.

‘Our family does not know how we can pay for what we’ve been given but we ask that God bless every one of you,’ said mum, Laurilin.

The icing on the cake? The girls have just had their first birthday!

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