Care worker caught punching dementia patient 11 times

The shocking footage has caused outrage
DNG Nasrallah Law Offices

*WARNING* Disturbing content

Shocking footage has emerged of a care worker punching an elderly dementia patient repeatedly in the face.

The video, captured in an Ottowa nursing home, showed former worker, Jie Xiao, hitting frail 89-year-old, Georges Karam.

The camera was installed by Karam’s family after they became concerned about the number of unexplained injuries he’d received after moving there two years earlier, reported the Ottowa Citizen.

Workers were made aware that the video system was being installed.

The shocking video showed Xiao repeatedly struck his patient after he became agitated while having his diaper changed. While holding his arms together with one hand, he repeatedly struck the terrified grandfather 11 times in the head.

Jie Xiao was arrested and charged with assault on June 27 after video of the May 8 attack was handed to police.

Karam’s grandson, Daniel Nassrallah, said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he first viewed the video.

‘I literally stood up and fell down, my legs gave way because I didn’t know how to respond to this,’ he said.

‘We have a camera on him, and even that doesn’t deter him. To me, that’s mind blowing.’

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