“It’s like a nightmare.” Cannibal teen sobs during interview with TV’s Dr Phil

Court ordered the clip be shown.

A young man charged with murder after allegedly killing a couple and biting flesh from the male victim’s face has broken down in a harrowing interview with TV psychologist, Dr Phil McGraw.

The interview with Austin Harrouff, now 20-year-old, was recorded in October 2016, but has been released to the media under orders of the judge trying the ‘cannibal teen’s’ case.

Harrouff tells Dr Phill in the 20 minute interview that he ‘never wanted this to happen’ and apologised repeatedly while tears ran down his face.


The alleged murderer apparently fled dinner after a heated fight with his father in a bar.

He told Dr Phil that rest of the evening was a ‘blur’, but in the hours that follow it is alleged he encountered neighbours John Stevens, 59, and his wife, Michelle Mischon, 53, and attacked them both in their garage. He is accused of also eating Steven’s face.

‘I don’t remember fighting or stabbing him. I don’t remember how my hands got like this,’ he said.

‘I didn’t ever want to consciously do something like this, er, I never planned it. I didn’t want to do it.’


Harrouff sobs when he recalls the events that led to his trial.

The Sun-Sentinal reports Harrouff said he had faint memories of stripping his clothes off and grabbing a weapon.

He agreed with Dr Phil that he felt a sense of grandiosity and paranoia.

Harrouff’s defense lawyers tried to prevent the clip from being released before the end the trial for fear that it would prevent a fair trial of the accused.

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