Canberra mum-of-two left with bleeding brain after Thailand moped crash

'Sam was sitting in the street holding her and screaming.'

To celebrate his partner’s 24th birthday, Sam William surprised her with a trip to Thailand. They are parents to two young boys and the trip meant some quality time together to relax and unwind. 

But when the moped they were riding collided with a truck, Shani was severly injured.

It’s believed the pair swerved to dodge a parked car before the crash which had the Canberra mum-of-two thrown from the scooter and knocked unconscious, reports 7News.

“She went flying and was knocked out,” Renee, a friend of the couple, said. 

“Sam was sitting in the street holding her and screaming – it was very traumatic.”

Despite wearing helmets, Shani suffered bleeding to the brain, a broken pelvis, broken nose and severe lacerations to her face, mouth and body

mum of two

‘She’s scared as you would be in a country where you know no one but your partner,’ Renee continued. 

The couple is now facing medical bills of up to $80,000 to get Shani home to her two sons in time for Christmas.

‘Insurance is refusing to pay for anything and they are now stuck in Thailand with large medical bills,’ a GoFundMe page set up for the pair reads.

‘Shani’s two beautiful little boys just want their Mummy and Sam back home.’

Sam and Shani have been left with no money for accomodation, food or medications while Shani recovers.

To help the couple get home, donate here.

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