Bride rushed to hospital after suffering severe allergic reaction to her own wedding cake

Her happy day was turned into a living nightmare.

A New Jersey bride was rushed to hospital after suffering an allergic reaction to the milk and almonds contents in her own wedding cake.

New Jersey couple, Victoria and Dominic Tumolo were supposed to be enjoying the best day of their lives, but things took a turn for the worse when Victoria began having troubles breathing.

Victoria first noticed the symptoms as she danced away the night at her September reception.

As a nurse herself, she soon realised she was suffering from an allergic reaction. Her father then proceeded to administer an EpiPen through her wedding dress.

Victoria told Courier-Post: ‘I had to take my dress off outside so they wouldn’t cut it off me when we got to the hospital.’

Soon after, the bride discovered she was allergic to almonds and milk. It is believed it was severely triggered by exercise (in this case, her dancing).

Unfortunately, the couple missed the rest of the reception during Victoria’s allergy treatment.

But their wedding dream was not to go amiss just yet, as their caterer Jim Auletto offered a FREE second reception.

Auletto told Fox 29: ‘This is driving me crazy, she didn’t get to cut her cake’. 

Luckily enough, 150 guests from the original 250 guests were able to attend the make-up reception.

Husband, Dominic said: ‘I’m thinking of cutting that cake and smashing it in her face,’ says Dom, 25, with a chuckle. ‘We’ve been trash talking like that for a while.’

How very sweet!

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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