Distraught bride crops out her bridesmaid from wedding photos!

Do you think this is harsh?
BEFORE - the image before editing
BEFORE - the photo before editing

Bridesmaids are usually a big part of the day, but one annoyed bride has cropped out one of her own from the wedding photos.

Frustrated by the bridesmaid’s behaviour, the recently-wedded woman decided to remove her from the snaps.

The woman from Oregon, United States, had five bridesmaids on the day but said that she felt ‘pressured’ to ask one of them.

Writing on a wedding shaming Facebook group, she explained how that she had hoped the bridesmaid in question would say no.

However, as well as accepting to be part of the bridal party, the woman seemed to cause misery for the newlywed.

On the group, the bride wrote, ‘Leading up to the wedding she actively refused to take part in any wedding events like the bridal shower, bachelorette party, planning, rehearsal, even the bridesmaids group chat.’

But the bride had initially excused the behaviour, ‘I assumed that it was because we are so different and so she felt like we would be excluded and while trying to make her feel included, I respected that she seemed disinterested.’

BEFORE - the image before editing
BEFORE – the photo before editing (Credit: Facebook)
AFTER - once the bride had cropped out the bridesmaid
AFTER – once the bride had cropped out the bridesmaid (Credit: Facebook)

However, when it came to the day of the wedding, the bridesmaid didn’t get ready with the rest of the wedding party and showed little interested at the event.

‘The entire ceremony she was making a very upset face and silently making faces and eyes at her husband,’ the bride typed.

Continuing, she added, ‘At the reception she refused to speak to me at all.

‘She even leaves without saying goodbye to me but she says goodbye to my husband.’

After the nuptials, the bride sent a message to the bridesmaid, apologising for if she had offended her.

But the bridesmaid responded saying ‘how awful’ she was and suggested the pair should pretend the wedding never happened.

The defiant bride said, ‘I’m not going to pretend that my wedding never happened but I’m all for pretending that she was never there.’

Facebook users jumped in to defend the bride’s Photoshopping, with one writing, ‘She doesn’t deserve to pop up in your head every time you look at photos of your wedding.’

Another wrote, ‘Good for you for physically deleting her. You don’t deserve to have the happiest day of your life ruined by someone who didn’t bring anything positive to it.’

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