Boston marathon bombing victim to marry the firefighter who saved her

‘He’s seen me on my worst day.’

When two homemade bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston marathon in 2013 the world was horrified.

Personally affected by the tragedy was Roseann Sdoia, a long-distance runner who was caught up in the explosion.

A fireman nearby stayed by Roseann’s side. There were no ambulances free, so he took a police prisoner van and held her hand the entire way.

Devastatingly, the blast cost Roseann her right leg and it would be a long road to recovery from the trauma.

But the handsome firefighter who held her hand that day continued to visit. His name was Mike Materia.

Over the months their love bloomed and then last month, with the help of their dog, Sal, Mike popped the question.


Wearing a custom tag Sal trotted up to Roseann who read the works ‘Mike wants to know if you’ll marry him’.

‘Sal means so much to both of us. It couldn’t have been more romantic,’ she recalls in an interview with New York Post.

Roseann is now able to laugh about their first meeting, even in tragic circumstances:

‘I was probably not the nicest to him from the get-go. I was in pain. But now, we laugh and blame it on the morphine.’

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