Blogger asks for fashion advice but people notice something very rude in the photo

Once you see it you can't unsee it!
Chloe Morello Instagram

While trying on a new pair of bright pink socks with her sequin gold skirt, beauty blogger Chloe Morello wasn’t sure if they went.

So taking to her Instagram page, the 27-year-old model sought out the advice of her 1 million followers. 

‘Guys need your help!! Do these socks ruin the outfit?’ wrote the Aussie beauty. 

Sharing a mirror selfie, at first glance the brunette looked stunning in her outfit. But then her followers noticed something unusual – can you see it? 

Using the cheeky hashtag #whenyouseeit Chloe was obviously aware of her fashion faux pas and was having a laugh at her own expense.

‘You are so quirky and funny and relatable,’ wrote one fan.

‘I’ve never laughed to hard LOL,’ commented another.

Carrying on the joke, Chloe later posted another photo of her husband Sebastian wearing the same pink socks.

Chloe Morello is an Aussie beauty blogger with 1 million followers on Instagram and 2.5 millions subscribers on YouTube. 

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