Blackouts, fires, and heatstroke expected as temps SURGE for three days of heatwave set to smash records

Stay safe.

Australia is set to experience some of its hottest days on record over the weekend as temperatures over 40 degrees celsius expected across most of the country.

The eastern states are expected to feel the brunt of the weather, with ‘catastrophic’ bushfire warnings being set across New South Wales.

Energy companies are bracing for a surge in electricity use as sweating Aussies attempt to keep their homes cool with air-conditioning and fans.

(Credit: Bureau of Meteorology)

Hospitals, also, are expecting to treat a record number of people for heat-related conditions like dehydration, sunburn, and heatstroke.

Sydney is expected to have temperatures as high as 39C over the weekend with western Sydney to peak at 45C.

The state’s northern towns of Bourke and Ivanhoe could hit numbers in the high 40s.

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