Pet food pulled from shelves after 20 cats died with others critically ill

A popular brand of cat food is allegedly responsible for the deaths of 20 pet cats.

A canned cat food brand has been pulled from shelves after allegedly causing the deaths of 20 cats and leaving more desperately ill.


The Best Feline Friend canned cat food line has come under fire after pet owners claim the food had caused their cats to become gravely ill.

Jenny Ackland, whose 12-month old cat died after eating the food before Easter, told 7 News it happened slowly.

’It all happened in stages, first he seemed lethargic, then he went off his food and then he became desperately ill,’ she says.

Now she, and others affected by the incident, are waiting for answers.

‘It’s been three weeks since the Weruva BFF cat food recall occurred and cat owners from around Australia whose cats became ill or died are still awaiting confirmation of the cause.

‘Every day there are new reports established in our social media support group that show yet more cats have passed away or have been euthanized.’ 

BFF have been recalled
BFF has been accused of causing pet deaths. (Credit: 7 News)

The Australian Veterinary Association are investigating the claims that the product causes neurological damage and encourage pet owners to professional help if worried.

The BFF range is made in the US by the company Weruva and distributed via Petbarn, who recently took the product off the shelves.

Concerned customers can contact Weruva on 1800 338 359 between 9am-7pm AEST or email [email protected]

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