Besties get matching tattoos in exchange for free noodles

The pair have shown their love for food by getting inked for life

Two Gold Coast women have shown their devotion for noodles by getting matching tattoos in exchange for free food.

When vegan restaurant, I Like Ramen, announced a competition to win free ramen for a year, best friends Jo Thomas and Kelly Thomsen jumped at the opportunity.

Posting the competition on their Facebook page, the Queensland based eatery asked fans to get the company’s logo tattooed somewhere visible on their bodies. The first three people to present their tattoo to staff would win one bowl of ramen a week for a whole year.

Speaking to the Gold Coast Bulletin, the women admitted to wanting matching tattoos for a while and wasted no time in getting their legs inked with the logo.

(Credit: Facebook)

‘It was a split second decision. But I would have done it even for one bowl of free ramen,’ Jo said.

Restaurant owner, Bobby Douglas admitted the competition was originally conceived as a joke and didn’t believe there were many people who would commit to getting tattooed.

A third woman from Brisbane has also claimed the prize.

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