Beautifully honest advert for fishing buddy will melt your heart

Ray is the real face of Aussie mateship
Ray Johnstone Gumtree

In what is possibly the cutest advert ever, an Aussie bloke has asked for a fishing buddy on the listings website Gumtree.

Ray Johnstone, from Lewiston, South Australia, posted the advert 11 days ago advertising for someone to join him on his fishing trips. 

‘My Name is Ray Johnstone. I’m a widowed pensioner who is looking for a fishing mate, my previous fishing mate is now deceased,’ explained Ray, with an honesty that is moving people to tears.

‘What I want is a fishing mate in a similar position to myself who also wants someone to go fishing with. I am willing to share costs,’ wrote Ray.

He finished the advert by saying that perhaps the potential fishing mate could meet with him to see if they get along.

Ray then added an adorable selfie of himself wearing a green and gold Australia fleece.

After a slow uptake, Ray’s advert was eventually spotted by people in his local area and then worldwide who shared his advert on social media. 

‘Will someone please go fishing with Ray?’ asked multiple Facebook users.

After going viral, the advert has now had 38,000 clicks and counting. It’s even garnered it’s own hashtag in the form of #IllfishwithRay

Thankfully The Courier Mail reported today that Ray has found a potential fishing buddy in his local area who he’s going to meet with this week. Awww!

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