Extreme sportsman crashes to his death in dramatic film streamed live on Facebook

He counted down from three, then jumped...
Facebook/Sat Dex

Italian daredevil, reported as Armin Schmieder, 28, leapt from a mountain in Switzerland wearing several cameras so fans could watch his daring feat live on Facebook.

The video opens with Armin getting into his suit and putting on his helmet as he told his fans ‘today you fly with me’.

Armin then pockets the camera which continues to record his voice as her counts down from three. The rush of the wind as Armin shoots through the air is all we can here until a sudden yell, and the sound of the impact.

Then silence, broken only by the clang of cowbells nearby.

Local police have confirmed that the body of a 28-year-old was recovered from the area – later confirming that it was Armin.

The tragedy occurred only days after fellow wing suitpilot, Alexander Polli, died after crashing into a tree.

BASE jumping is considered one of the most lethal of extreme sports, and is 43 times more likely to end in death than skydiving from an aircraft due to the low altitudes.

BASE Jumping

•BASE jumping is parachuting or flying with a wingsuit from a fixed structure.

•The name BASE jumping comes from the first letters of the four types of objects daredevils will jump from – building, antenna, span (bridges or cable cars, for example) and Earth (cliffs).

•BASE jumping is illegal in Australia

•Australian Steve Dines was the first person to BASE jump from the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1987.

•Whisper is the world’s first dog to BASE jump using a wing suit.

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