Mums left outraged over stiletto range for babies

Would you buy them for your children?
Instagram - @peeweepumps

Mothers the world over have been left outraged at a range of high heels designed for babies.

The shoes, designed by US company, Pee Wee Pumps, come in a variety of styles, including bright colours and animal prints.

Targeted towards ‘fashion savvy’ parents, the shoes are available for babies up to six months old.

Although the shoes were first manufactured in 2014, the company has recently come under fire from mums across the globe after children’s clothing watchdog, Let Clothes Be Clothes alerted parents to the product on their Facebook page.

(Credit: Instagram – @peeweepumps)

The post saw many mothers express their concerns over the shoes, with some describing them as ‘creepy and ridiculous’.

‘You have to be kidding me!’ Sorry but this is sick! Children should be allowed to be children & not dressed up to look like hookers!’ one unhappy parent wrote.

Another commented ‘Apart from the tremendously worrying sexualisation of children such products contribute to, I don’t even want to know the effects these shoes would have on small, developing feet.’

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