Baby ‘caught like a football’ after being thrown from a burning second-floor unit

Hero neighbours save the day.
7 News

Neighbours ran to the rescue when a fire broke out in the morning at a western Sydney unit.

As smoke filled their apartment, parents Kristy Morton and Luke Hayes realised the only way their baby Neveah Rose would be safe would be to pass her out the window.

Up on the second floor of their unit the fall was perilous, which is when neighbours Charlie and Tony stepped in.

When Kristy and Luke threw their daughter out the window, Tony was there to catch her.

(Credit: 7 News)

Tony told 9 News he caught the baby ‘like a football’ while Charlie ran upstairs in the block to help other residents escape.

(Credit: 7 News)

Kristy and Luke say they have lost everything in the fire, which police are currently investigating but do not consider suspicious.


8 people were treated for smoke inhalation, four of whom including Charlie were taken to hospital.

(Credit: 7 News)

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